Monday, October 27, 2008

Out To Lunch

Today I completed a 10 minute blaster workout just before the baby interrupted me with a hunger scream. She has a six sense of know when my 10 minutes to myself is done. This has happened many times before, but I was on to the babies tactics. I made my post workout drink in advance, did my workout and as she screamed in her crib I was able to gulp my drink before I got to her. It is a simple thing, but big, having my recovery meal ready is the value of 2 workouts in half the time. I was able to feed the baby and not feel light headed as well. Every Minute Counts, that is my mantra.

I was able to catch up with my best friend for a birthday lunch today. I was unaware, but she has been reading my blog, as she has a newborn and a toddler as well. When my lunch arrived half the plate was covered in french fries. She commented "your blog said you didn't eat fries", I ate a few, but left most. That's right when trying to lose the extra pregnancy pounds cut the fries out.

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