Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Day In The Life...

The day starts at 1am to feed the baby, she wakes again at 2:30am with gas pains, cries until about 4am. I sleep until 5am and she cries again, wakes me 20 minutes before my alarm is to go off, at least this time she is hungry and falls back to sleep. I get ready for work and leave the house at 6am. Train clients until 11am, then it's my turn. I complete a warmup, then 8 minute circut and cooldown. I leave work and travel uptown to my next destination, stop for gas and continue. I make it to the other gym I train at for 12:20, pick up my much needed vitamins and figure out some business nutrition with the naturopath and get an updated diet for the gassy baby. It's off to home for 1:30pm where I work on registering a business and getting domain names, jump in the shower for 2 minutes and off to pick up my eldest from preschool. We go get the baby from the daycare and get home at4pm. Baby gets a bath, then barfs on herself, baby gets a bath again. Toddler gets a bath, then I make dinner. Feed the baby, feed the toddler, eat. Put baby to bed, make a business call just as my husband walks thru the door. He is my relief and I'm straight out of the house 40 minutes late for parents night at my daughters school. I have just sat down for the day 10:22pm

My workout- dynamic warmup 20second on 10 second off circuts, I use pullups and burpie presses for every interval and my 4 exercises are dive bomber pushups, front chops, heavy push press, v steps

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