Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Birthday Weekend-tips for eating out

It was my birthday this weekend and for a family treat we went to Marineland. My girls LOVED it, this was very rewarding as a mother to see both of them excited. Being away on our mini vacation we were able to reconnect as a family and give the girls our undevided attention. Niagra Falls is full of the worst fast food chain restaurants I have ever seen. It was a struggle to find a healthy snack and even worse trying to order something off of a menu.

Tips for ordering at a restaurant-make the best of a bad situation.

1st-realize that by leaving something off the plate that is stated in the menu is ALLOWED, your not missing out because even the best of the food is most likely tasteless and submaximal quality. Leave the fries off, or the bread or sauces.

2nd- order salad instead of bread or fries
3rd- ask for extra veggies instead of a potatoe
4th-don't order a soft drink, get water instead (but still enjoy 1 alcoholic beverage)
5th-leave the desert out, get a coffee or tea to finish your meal because they have no calories

Customize your meal and you will realize that all of the plate fillers like fries, bread and pop are not enjoyable anyway

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