Thursday, October 23, 2008

Time's Ticking On

It was off to the gym to train clients early this morning. It was a good day and I had my typical 30 minute break when I did my workout.

My workout- 8 sets of pull ups and 8 sets of burpies done as super sets. I then had my post workout drink and was ready to train clients again. I feel good about my strength and am getting close to my pre pregnancy body. My baby is over 6 months now and although I started my fat loss training about 2 months ago I feel like I am really getting some great results now. I am strong enough to consistently preform my workouts as intense as they need to be for post partum fat loss. It was an up hill battle to get to this point. I was using every spare minute throughout the day to integrate fitness into my baby routine. I kept motivated by telling myself "if I can push a 9 lb baby out over 3.5 hours I can do anything." I believe this is true for any busy new mom, if you can put up with pregnancy and delivery what's another 10 minutes of fat loss hell a few times a week.

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