Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Arm Cramp- trouble shooting using early post partum exercises

So the baby was up every 2 hours last night to feed and I could not get enough water into me. I constantly felt dry with the change of weather coming so quickly. All of the sleep deprivation, baby holding and dehydration the inevitable happened today. When I was working I suffered a muscle cramp in my coracobrachialis (biceps area). I can feel my scapula is unstable, my forearm is tight and my upper arm has a knot in it. My workout for dealing with this today-
2 sets of shoulder external rotations with cables, 3 sets of hand behind the back shoulder isometric wall pushes, push presses, pull up position shoulder protraction/retraction, squat high pull with my left arm only, front plank, side plank, wall shoulder rotations with stick ups, laying on the foam roller small arm circles, pec stretches, and rolled my armpit area along the boarder of my scapula, 1 legged leg lowers for abdominals. This is part of being a nursing mother. This happened more often to me when the baby was first born and I was just starting post partum exercises. This workout is a typical example of a more involved early post partum exercise routine.
After work I picked up the girls, I unloaded our 10 bags and all of the soiled clothes (both) into the house I was ready for some quality time with them. I poured the bath and put the baby in with the toddler, we made a nice dinner of chicken pasta and pears with rice cereal and talked about the day. My previous sleepless night, arm cramp and bed wetting are all a distant memory.

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