Tuesday, December 30, 2008

First Experiences

I have been fighting a virus and have a sore throat right now so I have taken 2 days off and did a very small workout today. My workout- 10 push ups, 10 rotational planks, 10 1 legged burpies, 10 push ups.

So I have a rash all over my torso, something similar to what I had when I was pregnant. I was worried, but was thinking maybe something was changing with my hormones to have caused this, as that is what the "Pups of Pregnancy" rash I suffered is associated with. I consulted with my naturopath and she asked are you under the weather? Yes I am suffering a sore throat. She indicated the rash is another way viruses show themselves. So its just another symptom of having a virus. Who knew. I will have to wait until this clears to perform any intense workouts as I cannot afford to lower my immunity anymore. For posted workouts visit http://babybumpfitness.ning.com in the busy moms fat loss group.

I have been having a great holiday season with my children. We took our 3 year old daughter to see Cinderella, an on stage pantomime. She loved it, she was standing/dancing/signing. During one scene they brought out a horse drawn carriage, I looked at her and my heart melted. She was so excited I thought she was going to cry, her innocence and an evening full of new experiences was well worth it, even though all I could think of was "where do they keep those animals? are they treated well? had I known there were live animals I would have boycotted it." I am such a grouchy, cynical adult. I only wish I could feel what she feels when she looks at the world around her, only in the eyes of a child. I cherish every moment watching and sharing her first experiences.

Sunday, December 28, 2008


No more, please. It's everywhere, chocolate. I ate chocolate cake then later that day had about 10 quality streets in a row. A weird thing happened, I felt extremely sick after this. I felt like I was drunk except the bed was not spinning. I had a chocolate hang over. The chocolate are all away in a cupboard and I cannot stand the site of them. I am back to eating clean.

My workouts are posted for busy new moms to help loose fat post partum. Please follow along, ask questions and join http://babybumpfitness.ning.com for busy mom fitness support.

My workout-dynamics, push ups rotational plank, kettle bell swings, ball hamstring curls, dead bug, modified pull ups, kettle bell high pull, kettle bell cleans, full squats, ball adductor bridges

Monday, December 22, 2008


I have posted 2 holiday workouts and will be putting up another one at http://babybumpfitness.ning.com under the GROUP Busy Moms Fat Loss and on my comment page. Enjoy have a great holiday season with your little ones.

My workout today- furious 5 for my warmup, pushups, kettlebell swings, full squat dumbell press, modified pullups both grips, lunges 2x through

Thursday, December 18, 2008

O' Christmas Tree

O' Christmas Tree, Oh crap. I picked up Kasia from daycare with Ava in the car and decided to venture out with both of them to find a nice little Christmas tree. Well I only took 35$ cash in my pocket-mistake 1. The first shop we stopped at along busy Danforth Ave was a garden shop- 40$ plus tax no negotiation. Standing there freezing with 2 kids and not getting a tree immediatley is well interesting, I put them back in the car to stop the crying. The shop owner chased me down and offered my a tree that resembled a Cactus for 35$, it was worth about 3$. The next shop same thing 40$, I had managed to scrounge another 4.75$ from my car but was turned away.

I scoured the neighbourhood for a tree and everyone was getting hungry at this point-no dice. We took a trip over to a local build all centre and found the tree. 2 feet too big but only 30$. All the seats were flat in my car and the tree was wedged between the two kids in the back seat and popping out of the passenger side window. It was full of ice and snow and I could hardly lift it. I did not feel like a fit mom at this point, just defeated by a price cap of 39.75$ and recovering from a slightly unlawful drive home. This is what a busy new mom goes through for her kids.

My workout- feeling a bit sore from shovelling snow I did a shoulder rehab day with neck stretches.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Glad to be back and trying to establish some sort of routine during this busy holiday season. As a mother the holiday season is 10 fold hectic-over tiered kids, kids at parties and on sugar, moms on alcohol to deal with overtired kids, lots of holiday treat temptation and too busy to exercise. WHAT TOO BUSY TO EXERCISE!! If this is your life take control. View exercise as an outlet, something to take you away from the stress and temptation of the holiday season. You get some alone time, you won't be spending money, drinking or eating during your few moments of fitness solitude. For the most part no one will bother a busy new mom as she tries to establish her exercise routine. Ask for it and you will receive--yes family support as you start or maintain your post partum exercise routine. Let someone else take the reins for 15 minutes.

My workout today- warm up-leg and arm swings, shoulder clock, wall shoulder press/rotation, side planks, stationary lunge, 10 crunches with 1 leg extended, warm up set full squat. My fat loss circuit 3 exercises, 3 sets, 10 reps of full squat with dumbbell shoulder press, modified pull ups, kettle bell swings.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Social Network For Pregnancy/Motherhood

Please check out the new social network for you at http://babybumpfitness.ning.com . This is set up for you to ask questions, meet people or just rant. We have some great professionals as members. Welcome Dr. Michael K Jones (physiotherapist), owner/instructor of American Association of Fitness and Rehab Professionals and owner of many sports physiotherapy clinics dealing with professional athletes across the United States. Dr. Jen Castles is a member of http://babybumpfitness.ning.com, she is an accomplished naturopathic doctor. Meet these professionals and other women like you. Enjoy!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008


That's right bananas, spit up all over me around 12am the other night, I guess she(AVA) doesn't like them. I was frantically wiping myself clean with a little help from the dog so I could be somewhat presentable at the gym the next morning.

My toddler(KASIA) has a hard time understanding that I WORK. I am not her oncall 24/7 personal servant and she is just starting to realize this. When I mention work, she clings on, when I work on the computer she constantly interrupts me with attention seeking behaviour. I know part of this is her age (3years), arrival of the new baby and the fact that I appear to be one of the only working mom's at the school I drop her at and the reality that she needs me. She definitely drives me bananas, but I am her mommy and I love her. I will be taking a week off the computer to spend some quality time with my girls and my husband. Talk to you next week.

My workout-warm up, 3 sets full front barbell squat with pelvic floor squeeze at the bottom, lunge press, single leg lower for abdominals, windmill, plank rotation, front plank with arm reaches, brooks hip stabilization series (wall pushes from front and side) small fat loss circuit jump squats to kettle bell twists to mountain climbers to burpie high pull with kettle bell to slow bulgarian split squats.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Post Rehabilitation Workout

My Workout- Wall shoulder rotations with shoulder press 2 sets, isometric lunge with lat row 2 sets/leg, isometric lunge with chest press 2 sets/leg, side plank leg lift, up/up/down/down front plank, abdominal leg lower 1 leg at a time, crunch with one leg extended, band external shoulder rotation, lower trap palm to ceiling off stability ball, 3 sets of 20 kettle bell swings, push ups off stability ball.

The above workout is an example of a post rehab workout. During pregnancy your posture changes and some muscles become short and tight, others long and weak. The above exercises help stretch pectorals, strengthen rotator cuff and upper back muscles, strengthen abdominals (including transverse abdominus) and fix rectus diastases, strengthen hip flexors (out ot length) and gluteals, multifidi muscles in your back and lower trapezius to counteract hunching your shoulders. I stuck in the kettle bell swings because I can, I get a boost from them.

My husband is away for business again this week, so that means calling on the grandparents for help. I rely on their help in order to get the children to daycare in the morning with an early schedule. So far I haven't found a daycare that opens at 5:30am around my place yet, but I know every new mother is up. What a weird time of day, I may set a new first phone call edicate between new mom's, yes it is ok to call each other at 5:30am.
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