Friday, December 5, 2008


That's right bananas, spit up all over me around 12am the other night, I guess she(AVA) doesn't like them. I was frantically wiping myself clean with a little help from the dog so I could be somewhat presentable at the gym the next morning.

My toddler(KASIA) has a hard time understanding that I WORK. I am not her oncall 24/7 personal servant and she is just starting to realize this. When I mention work, she clings on, when I work on the computer she constantly interrupts me with attention seeking behaviour. I know part of this is her age (3years), arrival of the new baby and the fact that I appear to be one of the only working mom's at the school I drop her at and the reality that she needs me. She definitely drives me bananas, but I am her mommy and I love her. I will be taking a week off the computer to spend some quality time with my girls and my husband. Talk to you next week.

My workout-warm up, 3 sets full front barbell squat with pelvic floor squeeze at the bottom, lunge press, single leg lower for abdominals, windmill, plank rotation, front plank with arm reaches, brooks hip stabilization series (wall pushes from front and side) small fat loss circuit jump squats to kettle bell twists to mountain climbers to burpie high pull with kettle bell to slow bulgarian split squats.

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