Tuesday, December 30, 2008

First Experiences

I have been fighting a virus and have a sore throat right now so I have taken 2 days off and did a very small workout today. My workout- 10 push ups, 10 rotational planks, 10 1 legged burpies, 10 push ups.

So I have a rash all over my torso, something similar to what I had when I was pregnant. I was worried, but was thinking maybe something was changing with my hormones to have caused this, as that is what the "Pups of Pregnancy" rash I suffered is associated with. I consulted with my naturopath and she asked are you under the weather? Yes I am suffering a sore throat. She indicated the rash is another way viruses show themselves. So its just another symptom of having a virus. Who knew. I will have to wait until this clears to perform any intense workouts as I cannot afford to lower my immunity anymore. For posted workouts visit http://babybumpfitness.ning.com in the busy moms fat loss group.

I have been having a great holiday season with my children. We took our 3 year old daughter to see Cinderella, an on stage pantomime. She loved it, she was standing/dancing/signing. During one scene they brought out a horse drawn carriage, I looked at her and my heart melted. She was so excited I thought she was going to cry, her innocence and an evening full of new experiences was well worth it, even though all I could think of was "where do they keep those animals? are they treated well? had I known there were live animals I would have boycotted it." I am such a grouchy, cynical adult. I only wish I could feel what she feels when she looks at the world around her, only in the eyes of a child. I cherish every moment watching and sharing her first experiences.

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