Monday, December 1, 2008

Post Rehabilitation Workout

My Workout- Wall shoulder rotations with shoulder press 2 sets, isometric lunge with lat row 2 sets/leg, isometric lunge with chest press 2 sets/leg, side plank leg lift, up/up/down/down front plank, abdominal leg lower 1 leg at a time, crunch with one leg extended, band external shoulder rotation, lower trap palm to ceiling off stability ball, 3 sets of 20 kettle bell swings, push ups off stability ball.

The above workout is an example of a post rehab workout. During pregnancy your posture changes and some muscles become short and tight, others long and weak. The above exercises help stretch pectorals, strengthen rotator cuff and upper back muscles, strengthen abdominals (including transverse abdominus) and fix rectus diastases, strengthen hip flexors (out ot length) and gluteals, multifidi muscles in your back and lower trapezius to counteract hunching your shoulders. I stuck in the kettle bell swings because I can, I get a boost from them.

My husband is away for business again this week, so that means calling on the grandparents for help. I rely on their help in order to get the children to daycare in the morning with an early schedule. So far I haven't found a daycare that opens at 5:30am around my place yet, but I know every new mother is up. What a weird time of day, I may set a new first phone call edicate between new mom's, yes it is ok to call each other at 5:30am.

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