Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Run Down

A few very exciting updates for Baby Bump Fitness. This past week I was featured in a fitness article in Mcleans magazine. Although the reporter told me the article was about interval training, and it is more about general fitness it is still great to be involved. Here is the link- All the Right Moves

I have picked up the soccer unifoms for my daughters soccer team, she is very excited and so am I.

It seems over the past week many of my clients are stressed out. They are tired, frustrated, getting run down and generally overwhelmed. I would normally never mention this but about 90% of them have been feeling like this, an uncanny trend. I cannot explain why and everyone has a different situation, but if you find your self going through this it may be time to take a mini break. Simple things fro mom to do- book a hair appointment, date or spa time. Get your husband to make you dinner, go for coffee with a friend. Bascially just try and break the mundain routine. If you do not do this finding motivation to workout will be extremely difficult. Breaking the routine and/or silence may be just the little boost needed to excel at your fitness goals. Take a week off of fitness or certain chores then return the following week with new vigour.

I do not beleive everyone needs a trainer and having a trainer does not fit into everyones lifestyle- especially a busy moms. You may be ties to the house, work shifts, budgeting. This is actually waht I wish was quoted in teh Mcleans article. Home interval training is the most efficient way for a busy mom to exercise and loose pregnancy pounds.

Like I mentioned last post I have started to ride my bike 1-2x / week again and just enjoy the outside. My husband and I are setting aside time each week for me to talk or bitch so I don't feel underappreciated or bored with the daily grind or serving others.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

7 lb

There is a great feature over at Muffin Top Mamma where I am featured. What a great source for moms- check it out.

Mothers Day is fast approaching and if you have not grabbed your free 4 week fat loss workout program please do so now. Just visit the side bar and sign up.

What are your fitness goals for the summer, do you want to stay the same or do you want to MAKE A CHANGE? Myself I want to make a change, a change of 7lb. I am starting my pursuit of 7lb fat loss this week. I will need to add in another 1-2 workout a week, I have currently only been managing 2 workouts/week. No problem, I can use my backyard fat loss workout technique, just look at the featured video.

My next big kicker is to reintroduce only whole grains instead of regular grains, more fruits and veggies. I will also manage one bike commute to work a week for a bit of extra activity. Every other day I drive because I need to car seats to get the girls at there respected locations.
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