Thursday, December 18, 2008

O' Christmas Tree

O' Christmas Tree, Oh crap. I picked up Kasia from daycare with Ava in the car and decided to venture out with both of them to find a nice little Christmas tree. Well I only took 35$ cash in my pocket-mistake 1. The first shop we stopped at along busy Danforth Ave was a garden shop- 40$ plus tax no negotiation. Standing there freezing with 2 kids and not getting a tree immediatley is well interesting, I put them back in the car to stop the crying. The shop owner chased me down and offered my a tree that resembled a Cactus for 35$, it was worth about 3$. The next shop same thing 40$, I had managed to scrounge another 4.75$ from my car but was turned away.

I scoured the neighbourhood for a tree and everyone was getting hungry at this point-no dice. We took a trip over to a local build all centre and found the tree. 2 feet too big but only 30$. All the seats were flat in my car and the tree was wedged between the two kids in the back seat and popping out of the passenger side window. It was full of ice and snow and I could hardly lift it. I did not feel like a fit mom at this point, just defeated by a price cap of 39.75$ and recovering from a slightly unlawful drive home. This is what a busy new mom goes through for her kids.

My workout- feeling a bit sore from shovelling snow I did a shoulder rehab day with neck stretches.

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