Sunday, October 19, 2008

Great Family Lifestyle

Yesterday I did a photo shot for an upcoming program that mothers can do with their toddlers. My almost 3 year old daughter was a star, she looked at the camera while exercising first try, every shot! I hope she doesn't want to be a model. I was so proud of her and she loved it. I believe children should learn about activity and exercise at an early age, don't hide your activity from them, let them watch and join in when safe. I do understand that exercise is "your time", but explain to your toddler this is a very important part of your day and you will be setting your child up with great mindset for life. This is just one way you can prevent childhood obesity. (more to come on that latter)

I took my toddler to the ski swap today, we were looking to get her a small kit so we can, again do another activity together. Then it was down to the park to run the dog. I realized today our weekend revolved around exercise, not directly working out, but it hit home that we have an active lifestyle.

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