Thursday, October 16, 2008

Confessions of a Trainer

I could not believe my ears today. I ran into another trainer at the gym when I was in my workout shorts. The trainer asked what I was doing, by this time I only had 20 minutes before my next client. I said I was starting my workout, it should only take me about 12 minutes and this is all the time I can afford with a busy schedule and 2 little ones at home. The trainer confessed "I don't even workout, by the time I get home I don't want to go back out to the gym to train myself." My response, "you can do a lot in a minute, that's my mantra" The trainer agreed with me, I'll be watching to see how they use their spare time.

What the hell does this trainer think they are doing. I cannot believe people pay you for exercise programs and you don't even exercise, what a fake. Another point if your a good trainer why do you have to go back out to the gym to workout, there are infinite possibilities to do in your home, this makes me wonder they must be one of those people on the cardio machines in the gym(waste of time). I get it, your burnt out from being in a gym all day, you don't want to think of a program for yourself because you have been organizing others all day. Well, you only need about 10 minutes for a solid workout and myself I have a coaching system to organize my workouts. In our industry you can trade programs easily with colleagues to take the stress off yourself. Pump up, or get out.

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