Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Today I was back on track with my busy mom fat loss program. I am focusing on metabolic training this week. I woke with a sore back this morning as the baby has just gained some weight, she needed 2 baths yesterday and I slept in a weird position. At the gym I had a client cancel which gave me some much needed time to use the FOAM ROLLER and roll out the knots in my gluts and back. I then stretched my hip flexors (like in your free mothers day program, my abs and then performed some plank variations to get my core firing. I had time to work on my shoulder rehab exercises as well(included pushups with protraction/retraction at the top). I spent about 20 minutes on this maintenance and I felt like a million bucks afterwards. As a mom I continually have to keep up with my stabilization exercises, foam rolling,and general body maintenance work. You can add a few of these into your day by following the furious five or even easier when cooking squeeze your shoulder blades down and back 10x today.

I trained my next client and then performed my busy mom metabolic training workout. I started with dynamics- lunges, body weight squats, leg swings, arm swings. My busy mom fat loss workout today was 3 sets of 10 jump squats, 30 full weighted barbell deadlifts, 10 jump squats. I rested 1 minute between sets and did 3 sets of this high volume circuit. Each circuit consisted of 50 lifts. My deadlifts were weighted but only about 1/3 of the weight of my 10 rep max. I struggled my way through the final 7 deadlifts on the third set, my legs were on fire. This entire intense portion probably took me about 8 minutes including the 1 minute rest periods. A full deadlift is like a full squat with the barbell held at your knees to begin with, it is slightly different from the Waiters Bow or Romanian deadlift in the free mothers day program.

Yesterday I was st home with the baby and used my HOME GYM to perform a Tabata workout. I chose 4 exercises and repeated them 2x in each interval. I did 3 sets of this program in the 20 second/ work 10 second rest ratio. Busy mom fat loss workout Burpie press up (15 lb dumb bells), abdominal wheel rollouts, modified pullups, kettle bell swings, burpie pressup, ab wheel, modified pullup, kettle bell swings. I did this 3x.

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