Monday, June 29, 2009


Wrist pain plagues most new mothers. It can start during your pregnancy due to general pregnancy swelling and continue into motherhood. Wrist or forearm pain can also start during motherhood. Caring for a baby can put a lot of strain on your wrist joint and get you using small muscle in your hands that you are not used to using (doing up sleepers). For many mothers the problem can eventually translate into elbow pain as well, especially as your baby gains weight. I have made a short video with suggestions and exercises to prevent and/or manage wrist and elbow pain from forearm muscle strain.

Don't let wrist pain get in the way of your personal fitness goals. Try these suggestions, especially the night splint, and you will be on your way to push ups again.

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Scott said...

Any kind of joint pain is difficult for new mothers especially if they are breastfeeding their babies. Not many medications are suitable for nursing mothers. Topical applications may also contain harmful ingredients for baby’s sensitive skin. Once you have weaned your child, new mothers should consider taking a joint supplement to help get joints back into shape. There are nutritional joint supplements available that contain nutrients and a combination of herbs that help to keep joints flexible, mobile and functioning well. Herbs like white willow bark and boswellin also help reduce inflammation and pain. Nutrients like glucosamine sulfate, hyal joint, interhealth collagen type II provide joints with the nourishment they need to keep joints healthy for long term. It’s a simple step but one that will have long lasting benefits.

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