Monday, June 15, 2009


I am back from visiting relatives this past week. I did a few small workouts just to maintain my fitness and not feel like a slug. I performed my warmup exercises 3x the past week and that was it. I did find it challenging to eat under someone elses roof for a week. The groceries products were different, I was not comfortable to make what I usually make at home and with the time difference I felt like I was hungry all the time.

As you may know I workout at home most days in a small room in my house or in my back yard. I don't need much. I have made a small video showing what is in my meager home gym. I hope this can help you get started on a space for yourself. you do not need much space, very little money and defiantly do not need any big bulky equipment. In fact one of the commercials gyms I train at has a bunch of bulky equipment at the front door. I asked the owner why he has all of that stuff, he said, "it sells memberships". There you go not because it is used or needed, it just looks fancy and the general impression is it will make me fit.

Check out my video MOMS HOME GYM

Pick up a copy of the Mother Day Fat Loss Program to complete in your own home gym, visit the link.


JimD said...

Good trick that, to sell gym memberships. However you are right you can create a home gym even if you have little space available.

Jacqueline said...

So Jim this just cracks me up, you obviously didn't even read the post it is not to sell gym memberships or expaensive usless home equipment like your site is offering. This post is to show people they can create a full home gym for a few bucks.

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