Monday, June 22, 2009


That's right, boost your metabolism. But How? One way is to perform your total body exercise through a full range of motion. Working in a gym I see the majority of people exercising (about 80-90%) performing this functional exercise in a limited range. Can you guess what it is? The squat. I see many people go to half of their range and return to standing. Let this video help you with your best metabolic booster yet.

WHY, why would you do this. If you perform a full squat in it's entire range you will be performing one of the greatest metabolic boosting exercises EVER!! All major muscles are firing, blood is pumping and it is an extremely functional (used in daily life) exercise. Stopping half way through your range leaves your knee joint at it's weakest point (that's right with knees to 90 degrees) muscles are not in there optimal length to strength ratio and ligaments are left subject to lifting the full load. BAD IDEA.

Ok, so now you know to perform a full squat, but what if you cannot due to ankle mobility issues, or lumbo-pelvic weakness and mid back tightness. I have made a little video to help with the most common issue that prevents people from perform a full squat exercise, mid back tightness. By releasing your mid back you will be able to strengthen your core more efficiently and help with the FULL SQUAT. As for issues with ankle mobility- roll and stretch your calves. It may take some time but it will come. Another tip is to use a counter weight held out in front of your belly button during your squat to help you get into full range.


Anonymous said...

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Coach Jenn said...

Hi there. Found your great post on Metabolic Training on Healthy Moms. I've posted it to my blog with credit and a link back to you. Great stuff!

Jacqueline said...

Hey Coach Jenn thanks, checked out your stuff. Great. Thanks again.


Cascia said...

What an interesting video. I need to start doing squats when I get back into exercising after my baby is born. Great tips!

Tonned said...

It's a great post...

Will refer this article to my followers :)

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BabyBumpFitness said...

Thanks Cascia, definattley after your bedrest. Otherwise for uncomplicated pregnancy doing a full squat is also beneficial for labour(without the foam rolling on your back).

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