Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Today I did one of my express busy mom fat burning work outs at a commercial gym that I train at. One of the trainers indicated this is the longest he had ever seen me workout for- I was just past 20 minutes including warmup. I was just finishing with some scapular stabilization after holding the baby all last week and on a flight. As you may know holding a squirmy baby for 5 hours straight is brutal and takes a toll once again on Moms body.

My Busy Fat Burning workout today was - warmup performing 2 sets of 20x terminal knee extensions, ball hamstring curls, ball adductor bridge, foam rolling, assisted one legged squats, walking 1 legged waiters bow, pushups with scapular retraction and full squats. My circuit fat burning today I used the Tabata protocol and for my first circuit alternated between jump squats and explosive clap pushups, for my second circuit I performed jump lunges (or jump split squats) with heavy full squat exploding into an overhead dumb bell press. Grad your free Busy Mom Fat Burning Workout with Tabata protocols.

The terminal knee extension is a great exercise to keep your quads in balance, it focuses on the lower inner portion of your quad (front of leg above knee). If you suffer from IT band issues or minor knee pain this is an exercise to try. Click on the link for photos.

The whole joke of the matter is my short workouts, NOT. They are effective, I feel great afterwards, I am not completely drained and I have more time to focus on the rest of my life. My body has changed more than anyone else at that commercial gym in the past 2 years. The intensity of my workout is high and I mean business, but the jokes on them. Why would you spend 45 minutes to 1.5 hours on a workout each day if you don't have to. Even if you love working out, you will burnout from this type of volume. Would you buy the same apple for twice the cost if given a choice? Why spend twice the amount of time on your workout if you don't need to.Try one of my free workouts, if you are early post partum or a beginner grab your workout from the side of the blog. If you are past this phase and are ready for a fat burning start grab your free 4 week

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