Friday, May 1, 2009


Mothers day is fast approaching and I wanted to prepare a gift for all of you mothers. I have created a free BUSY MOM FAT LOSS Fitness program just for you. The program is 4 weeks long with 4 workouts per week. Workout charts and exercise photos and descriptions are all in there. Each workout should take approximately 20 minutes including warm up and stretching.

The 4 different workouts I use are segmented into STRENGTH, CIRCUTS, STABILITY BALL/CORE and METABOLIC exercise. You can complete them anywhere with minimal equipment.

All mothers should feel great on Mothers Day, so enjoy this gift and reclaim your body with these fun, exhilarating workouts.

So sign up on the form below to collect this mothers day bonus.

Please note this program is different from the free early post partum and beginner fat loss program I give away at the side of the blog. So here you go mom, you deserve another free gift.

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mothers day gift online said...

You know when I will give the same gift to m mother on mother's day I am dam sure she will happy, so its my pleasure to see all this.

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