Thursday, April 2, 2009


I performed my Max Mom Strength Experiment yesterday- see results after taking a week off of working out due to food poisoning Week 5 Max Mommy

I did a great busy mom fat loss workout in the spare 20 minutes that I had 2 days ago. My busy mom fat loss workout- warmup then performed a Tabata workout with 20second work/ 10 second rest intervals for 4 minutes straight. My exercises were 20 lb dumbell burpie presses, stability ball alternating 1 legged hip flexions, 20lb dumbell push presses, forearm planks on stability ball with small rollouts repeated 2x with a 2 minute rest. I performed the circut again followed by some muscle balancing exercises- hamstring curls on stability ball, hip extensions on stability ball, adductor bridge squeeze on stability ball. It was intense and I was toast.

CAFFEINE- know your limits. I am a busy mom, so therefore coffee is a big part of my life. It is my vice, I rely on it and I love it. Current nutritional guidelines suggest "women's daily consumption of up to 400mg of caffeine (about 2 mugs of brewed coffee) has no adverse effects on the fetus or breastfeeding infant". If you love your coffee you can always make a better, healthier cup. It is full of antioxidents you know. Caffeine is also in chocolate and many colas, but today the points will focus on coffee.

1. Always choose organic coffee- procedures such as crop spraying and processing use harsh chemicals

2. Choose Espresso (50mg) for a double shot, over a brewed cup as it contains just over 1/3 the amount of caffeine as a regular brewed cup (135mg). Espresso also has a much lower acid content.

3. Be weary of DECAF- again this procedure uses harsh chemicals (such as chlorine) to extract the caffeine from the bean. Choose Swiss Water natural Decaf to avoid these chemicals.

4. Avoid coffee an hour before nursing if you are implementing a nap/sleep routine and/or trying to sleep train them through the night.

Enjoy every last sip.

I noticed tonight at the dinner table that my baby started licking food off of her tray, like a dog, she has regressed from using her hands. To get her back to progressing like a biped, I decided to teach her how to cheers instead. Yes, eat like a dog, or cheers like your in a German beer hall, I don't know what's worse. I am way out of my league. My 3 year old toddler just responded telling me "it's a chick thing". What!! is that swearing? I guess not, where is this coming from. Again I am way out of my league. I need a coffee or a beer. CHEERS until next time.

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