Thursday, April 16, 2009


I was speaking with one of my clients today about our evening routines. As a busy mom I often feel out of touch with current events, I basically get the update of daily news from my clients as I listen to what restaurants they visited or friends they met up with the evening before. I get up at 5am, make breakfast for the kids(Kasia's breakfast always- rice krispies, a bowl of cut strawberries, a drinking yogurt and a ham and cheese sandwich) I make my coffee, and prepare dinner for the night and go to work. I pick them up as soon as I'm done training, give them a snack, bath them, cook the dinner, feed them dinner and put them to bed. Then my husband gets home from work.

I indicated my special time now will be picking the kids up in the stroller because the weather is nice, and I can catch up on their daily activities. He laughed and asked, "what do you talk about? the economy". So I let him into our lives. I ask Kasia about her activities for the day, was she nice? did she eat her lunch? She talks about the letters on the street sign as she is just learning to recognize them, asks why are there running shoes hanging over that hydro wire and asks to stop at the store and stare at candies. During the bath time she asks questions about my body and hers, while the baby eats the bubbles in the bath and the dog licks all the water off the side of the tub. She often mentions she will get boobies when she is a woman. GREAT!

Dinner time gets silly, Kasia brings up all of the toilet words (I guess it's a phase) and I discipline her. Today she told me a boy at school called her a baby so she lifted her dress at him to give him a mooner. The baby has learned to spit food at me, feed the dog and shove couscous down the side of her high chair. In all honesty eating dinner with them grosses me out. I often just look blankly at my dish. And then I hear it, "Mommy, how was work today?" Every meal time she has started to ask about my day. She listens and wants to be a part of my life. She is now practising to be the water/towel girl for my summer bootcamp.

So that is what we talk about. He disclosed, "that's priceless, you will remember that forever, I cannot even tell you the details of my conversation last night". It was very rewarding to hear that, not that I need validation, it just made me feel lucky.

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