Monday, March 30, 2009


Well feeling better after food poisoning last week. I attempted my first workout back today. It was a no brainer busy mom fat loss workout that was interrupted by a screaming, teething baby. My busy mom fat loss workout- First Circut continuous modified pullups 10x followed by heavy front chops 10x, I repeated this 4x. INTERRUPTED BY CRYING so I brought the baby down and she watched me finish my workout from her jolly jumper. Circut #2 -full weighted front squat 10x and pushups 10x, I performed these 2 exercises continuous again 4x thru ( so 8 sets in total in the circuts).

We had a little family party for my daughter's first birthday on the weekend, she was happy and went to bed early. I did not attempt to give her any cake, as I tried to give her a bit of cup cake last week and it ended up all over me about an hour later. WOW, what a year, the first year is a mile stone for me and her, although she will never remember it. I am so fortunate to have my little daughters, my health and my husband, all of which are very hard work.

Lets touch on the guidelines of when to start exercising after you have a baby. This is a personal choice as long as you feel rested enough to maintain a regular program and are well hydrated. After speaking with your doctor you may restore or begin an exercise program 2+ weeks post partum for a normal vaginal delivery, and 4-6 weeks for a cesarean or traumatic vaginal birth.
If you start to bleed heavily after exercise, feel pain or suffer from a breast infection DISCONTINUE EXERCISE immediately. Other factors that may cause you to stop exercising are pain around your birth wounds, breast discomfort, and heavy persistent urine leakage.

Exercises such as the Furious 5 are designed for any mother to help cope with carrying your new baby and there are are few exercises (such as the neck retraction/protraction, reverse fly and shoulder rotations) that can be completed by any mother if they need them or wish to start them almost immediately. They are not designed as a regular exercise program, rather an integration to activity that can help correct posture.

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