Wednesday, March 11, 2009

BUSY MOM FITNESS-Strength Experiment Day 3 and Berpie Pullup Video

Today I performed my workout and attempted my max lifts on the barbell Clean and total number of Berpie Pullups. This is the third week of my 6 week mini experiment. I have 2 control athletes that have been posting at and I am the test subject.

My conditions for the past few days have been brutal at best. This week my husband is away travelling so I have no relief after a day of training clients that begins at 5am. I did a small Tabata busy mom fat loss workout on Monday that took 15 minutes. On Tuesday I performed a day of just core training. My nutrition has been good this week so far and I feel well. My sleep has been BRUTAL. Monday night I was disturbed by the baby at 1:45am, I was up at 5am for work and went to bed at 9pm last night. I woke again last night to a screaming toddler at 10:45pm, she came into my bed for a cuddle and sleep as her nose was stuffy, she sleeps sideways. She woke periodically during the night and the baby woke me at 2:30am so I had to get up and comfort her as well. We were up at 7am this morning as I start work later.

FITNESS MOM Max Strength Experiment Week 3- my workout today after brutal sleeps. Dynamic warmup including thoracic mobilization moves, arm and leg swing, inchworm and lunges. I performed 2 sets of berpie pullups. I was able to improve and complete a 6 this week-I cut myself off after this as my right shoulder has been nagging me. I performed barbell Clean warmups and my weight increased by 5 lb for a 2 rep max. So there you go - good nutrition, bad sleep and med-high emotional stress still yielded a small improvement this week in my max strength experiment.

Here is a small video of a berpie pullup-I don't know what happened to my camera woman- too much wine maybe. I have been posting my workouts since I started this blog a few months post partum. You can track the progressions to get to an exercise like this. Any questions please ask- I would be glad to help. It doesn't matter where you start- it's where you end up that COUNTS. You will notice there are some root moves such as the front plank from the furious 5 in the berpie pullup exercise.

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