Sunday, January 11, 2009

WAIST OF TIME-workout machines

Like anyone due diligence in necessary. In my research today I have come across an article written by an extremely popular free diet/fitness website directory. The article lists and rates the top 6 workout machines, which includes a list of over priced, bulky, electronic equipment. These machines are a waist of time, I cannot stand seeing an article like this. First of all they are marketed for fat loss which is a huge scam everybody knows fat loss results come from high intensity interval training best done with resistance, right--everybody knows this? Cardio is cardiovascular system training not fat loss training. Now anaerobic training is great for fat loss and improves your VO2 max as well. I read what members had written in regarding the articles and one person commented "it's too bad the only piece of equipment I can afford is a pedometer". In my mind this is their blessing in disguise, they can avoid suffering overuse injuries and waisting time and money on this type of equipment. (treadmills, elipticals, recumbent bikes). Mix up your workouts. Go over to and check out one of the holiday workouts posted, or check out the barbell workout posted last week for variety, time efficient, economical fat burning. So Moms don't fall prey to cardio equipment, all you need is a place to stand, some comfortable clothing and 12 minutes 3x/week for fitness results.

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