Thursday, January 15, 2009


OK so no one picked up on it. Sled drags. Mamma's if you want to lose fat, plop your baby into a snow sled and perform 50 metre runs with baby behind you, work up to 10 of these and I guarantee you will notice something great happening to you.

My workout
- dynamics, 4 sets of pull ups- 2 with super band assistance and 2 without, 2sets of Y squats using a 20lb bar and 2 sets of explosive cable squat/high pull each arm.

My Nana passed away last night and it has been a long day of work and kids. She was 97 and a true inspiration for me. She was a great athlete playing golf well into her 90's and even got a hole in 1. She kept her competitive edge beating the pants off her friends in cards, and made a full recovery from breaking her pelvis at the age of 95. She weighed about 100 pounds in her prime, but man was she a strong woman. I will miss you Nana, love Jacqueline.

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