Friday, January 2, 2009

SKIING With a Toddler

Today I took Kasia downhill skiing for the first time in her life. My legs were burning, just another reminder to change your program often and the best fitness program out there is the one your not on-due to adaptation. I was drenched with sweat just from pole pulling her to the rope tow. She has to go up and down the hill between my legs the whole time so I was basically in a low squat for about 4 hours- cannot wait for tomorrow. She was the smallest kid at the hill and got many comments. She has NO FEAR and was always wanting to go faster-glad I got her a helmet. I want to her to have a healthy and active life- this is all you can do for a child. Putting your child on a fitness regime/exercise bike or treadmill is insane, just get them moving. Now youth fitness experts are gearing away from specialized sport training at an early age and are using a much more multi disciplinary approach, getting young bodies moving in all directions. I have some knowledge in this area as I have read the International Youth Conditioning Association textbook and have yet to take the exam.

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