Thursday, November 6, 2008

Working Mother

The term "working mother" rolls off the tongue and is easily said without thought. The reality is "it's f**king hard".

RESUME of a working mother

Job description- clean entire house, laundry, feed family -sub jobs include- grocery shop, cook, make lunches, nurse baby, taxi driver, bath kids, oh yah and go to a 9-5 and pull in an income, be a wife

Skills- multi task to the 100th degree, referee, put hair in ponytail, wipe baby barf off a black suit, hide the bags that have progressed into luggage under your eyes, function and smile on under 3 hours sleep a night

Occasionals- host Christmas (pregnant or not), paint house, bath dog, buy all family xmas/bday cards and presents, pull out grey hairs

Interests- looking "good", feeling "normal", taking a bath

This is how I feel, I rely on my friends and husband for support and use them as my sounding boards. I have realized the only thing in the Resume above that I can control are my interests, and I have found some peace through exercise. It allows me to look "good" and feel "normal" in the most subjective sense and it also forces me to take a bath- no one wants a stinky mommy
Take a look at the Furious 5 exercise program, it may be your start to integrate interests into your busy life.

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