Monday, November 10, 2008

Screaming Kids and Wining Dog- Still Got My Workout In


On the weekend my husband mentioned he is only get 1/2 of his workout done in the morning the dog clicks her paws and whines and wakes up the kids. I asked, how long do you workout for-20minutes. I asked him to work out with me, we can cut that in half. So that evening I made our 3 year old daughter her dinner and set the baby in the exersaucer (aka- ring of neglect) where they could see us. In typical fashion for our house, the toddler had a meltdown because I do not let her in our mini gym, my rule when I am lifting weights, she has to stay at the door and watch or exercise herself. The baby picked up on the vibe and freaked out and our hyperactive springer spaniel was wining up a storm in and out of the gym. I told him "this is as good as it gets, let's start". We burned through a circuit-our workout- 4 exercises and 4 burpie dumbbell press intervals- 8 things to complete 1 minute rest and repeat. The 4 exercises- heavy kettle bell swing, squat high pull, kettle bell push press right side, kettle bell push press left side. My husband was drenched in sweat, I said "see only 10 minutes warm-up to finish". He replied, "it felt longer". Not because of the exercise, but because of all the commotion during our workout. It didn't phase me, I workout in those conditions all the time, this is one of the reasons I only workout for 10 minutes I couldn't listen to screaming any longer than that. I have made my workout to fit my life, I get good results and there is science to backup my regime. I am not unique all mothers have a schedule like me, this is why I have made it my mission to create fitness programs for busy moms.

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