Saturday, November 8, 2008

Jogging Strollers

Do I own a jogging stroller, you bet. Do I jog with it, NO WAY.

I own one because it was a gift and it is great for long hauls and walking the kids through the snow in winter.

First things first, I do not jog. I don't have time to jog and it does not get me anywhere near my personal fitness goal of fat loss. Jogging is cardio training your heart muscle, that's it. Holding onto a fixed handle with your hands while running places all of the cross rotational stress into your low back, your low back absorbs the upper body rotation and your low back will over rotate. As a new mother you are much more susceptible to the stress of lumbar rotation as you still have relaxin hormone floating around in your body allowing your joints to be hyper mobile and over rotate. As a new mother your core muscles have been compromised while pregnant which makes you that much more susceptible to lumbar rotation as well. You may be wondering, so what? What's the big deal with excessive lumbar rotation, Back Pain, that's the problem. I will cover this in more detail in an issue of my newsletter. Sign up if you wish to investigate this issue further.

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