Wednesday, September 9, 2009

3 Keys to a Fit and Healthy Mommy

I hope everyone received my newsletter yesterday about how to maintain a fit and healthy life after labour day. You can still get it sent to you by signing up to the right hand side of this blog. The just of the letter was;

3 KEY TO LIVE BY to have a fit and healthy life as a busy mom.

1. Organize your menu. This means have meals planned in your head, make the grocery list to support this and shop and execute, by that I mean cooking not burning food.

2. Organize your workouts. Have a rough idea of when you want to workout for the day. Have a weekly plan of the days you are going to workout and have a workout program to follow. Again you can grab a free workout program in the side bar of this blog.

3. Sleep More. This will reduce stress, reduce belly fat and reduce overuse injuries. You will be a happier mommy.

My busy mom workout today- bike ride to work 10km, foam roll, standing lat pulldowns, pullups, shoulder rotations, deadlifts, bike ride home.

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