Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Simple things. My oldest daughter (and now my baby too) both love clothing and shoes. I don't know where they get this from, you can tell by my videos I am no fashionista. Well 3$ jandels and 10$ pink pyjamas was enough for my daughter to break out into tears yelling "Mommy I love you" from her room when she found them. Later that night at dinner she again said "Mommy, I love you, but I cannot say it because it is not mothers day, or fathers day". So I guess she took it back. I tried to explain you can say that if you are having nice feelings, love is not linked to a particular day, I just hope she doesn't ask about valentines day.

Ava, my youngest, loves shoes as well. When I went to pick out jandels for Kasia on a 1.5 hour surprise car service time waster, Ava had to try on many pairs as well and wear them around the store, showing them off from her stroller. She cannot even walk yet and she is picking shoes. Her foot still fits into a 3 month old shoe, yes small feet in our family. Again I don't know where these girls come from, I can honestly say none of this comes from me, again have you seen my videos, I have to wear all one colour so I know it matches.

Simple things for mom as well. I did a great kettle bell workout the other day with one piece of equipment. That's it, one kettle bell in my backyard and 20 minutes. My Busy Mom Fitness workout was sided swings, low windmills, high windmills, jumping split squats while passing the kettle bell through my legs, snatches, Turkish get ups. Simple equipment, hard fat burning quick busy mom workout. Just what I needed, I know my kettle bell matches my shirt and shoes.


Nick said...

There is only one way to get that six pack you so desire and that is two-fold: reduce the body fat around your midsection and train those muscles sensibly.

Baby Bump Fitness said...

Yah and we all know we cannot spot reduce by only training abdominals, right Nick. Diet and total body resisted interval training is the only way to lose abdominal fat.

Baby Bump Fitness

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