Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I have had a bit of feedback regarding the slow cooker recipes, a couple of people are trying them out. Let me know how it goes.

Our family is ticking along and my husband has just started the FitandBusyDad fitness program written by my friend Chris Lopez. I would highly recommend this for any busy father.

People ask, why don't you just train your husband, well if anyone has tried to directly teach or learn something from your "equal" relationship partner it just causes frustration and a power struggle. It doesn't work and immediately a hierarchy is created around that subject in the household (ours being fitness). Another maybe even more important reason in our house is my husband is surrounded by women, even our dog is a girl and is often dressed in a tiara and bracelet. I realize he needs a like minded male counterpart, and I think he will achieve this by following the FitandBusyDad program.

I had a slower day at the gym yesterday, and a great fit mom workout. I was suffering a lot of muscular tightness last week and could not get any relief. I cut back on sugar in my diet, went for massage therapy 2x, drank more water as well as foam roller every night and stretched. But in all honesty I think the muscular tightness came from emotional stress of dealing with my 3 year old daughter-she was in one of those toddler moods last week and was negative, confrontational and needy about everything. She has woken up on the right side of the bed this week and the house is back to well-status quo- for a busy family.(our new normal)

My busy fit mom workout yesterday- dynamic warmup follow by 2 sets of burpie pullups- I could achieve 5 on my first set and 4 on my second set. I felt a great sense of accomplishment- this is one intense fat burning exercise. Start from a pushup, then spring up to standing, jump up to the pullup bar and perform a chinup, drop back to your feet and get yourself back to a pushup. After this I worked with the cables 2 sets reverse wood chops, cable bentover row, cable chest press while holding my lunge position, cable T pulls to face level for upper back, shoulder rotations. I moved to the floor and did 1 set elevated plank pulling knee to chest, glut/ham raise, Y squat, 2 sets explosive pushups off the BOSU, 1 set warmup cleans, 1 set cleans to my max -(3 lifts at this weight) and static stretch.
After this intense mom workout, I will be taking the day off today and do some foam roller soft tissue recovery.

My baby is 11 months old now and she is eating food and taking a bottle regularly. She and I are sleeping through the night and we have a family routine. Everything is falling into place and when it does I feel my fitness level soars. I know I will have a relapse as soon as one of the kids gets sick (probably next week), but when I can I will take advantage of a "normal" routine and focus on improving my fitness level and complete a workout like the one posted above.

If you are a new, recovering and/or sleep deprived mother a great place to start is with the Furious 5 exercises- they are posted on you tube in the side bar of this blog. This is the perfect start for a busy new mom trying to integrate fitness and exercise into her life. You can sign up to get the workout in written text and also a free starter fat loss workout as well at the top of the blog. Questions? Just ask I am waiting to hear from you.

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