Sunday, February 1, 2009


Well Kasia my 3 year old is just getting over the flu. That means last week I was trying to occupy a needy, ill toddler and care for a baby. She was almost recovered but low on energy and had lost some weight. By Friday we were all going stir crazy, so I packed up the girls and headed off to The Clay Room for some baby foot print and toddler hand print keep sakes. I am a month behind on getting the grand parents their Christmas gifts and this was a great way to pass the afternoon and get another busy mom task out of the way. The Clay Room is local to me and it has people of all ages painting pre-made clay pottery, check it out-
As for my busy mom fitness I am still suffering a small head cold and do not want to lower my immunity anymore with an intense fat loss workout, so I have been keeping up with my much needed post partum abdominal work and some low back stretches.

At time when the whole house is sick it is easy to fall off the rails in a bad way. My daughter with the stomach flu has seen an opportunity to manipulate us(she thinks) to get the type carb only diet she wants. We let her get away with this for a few meals when she started eating again. We have had many discussions this is not suitable in our house, so that means long drawn out meals until she is done her veggies and meat.

I went down hard, after I wrote this post I went to bed and couldn't sleep, only to go running to the bathroom with the flu. Full blown, I felt like garbage. Wow the family dynamics changed at that moment. I was bedridden and my husband has been staying home with the girls and making the meals. He's a star, he is not 100% either but has pulled through.

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