Monday, February 9, 2009

BUSY MOM FITNESS- Probiotics and Watch that Toddler

I am finally over my flu after a relapse on Friday. The entire house was healthy for about 3 hours and then my husband and Kasia got a cold, now the baby has a cold and I have been up the past two nights with her. The cycle continues. At times like this when exercise is not an option, nutrition is extra important. We are making sure our daughters are getting all or their fruits and vegetables, eating protein and taking their "drinking yogurt", or probiotic culture. The flu can change the balance of bacteria in your digestive tract, so part or recovery is taking your probiotics. I have been following this rule with my girls and forgot to follow this for myself, until my naturopath reminded to take my probiotics. Worked like a charm.

So I have been wondering why we are passing all of our germs around, we are diligent with hand washing, using tissues, washing toys and keeping the girls separated. Well now I know why, I caught my 3 year old licking the couch, wiping her nose on the dining table and spitting on her toothbrush and "washing" the bathroom counter and sink. Yah, we talk about germs all the time, and she seems to know this is wrong and germ spreading behaviour, but she is 3 and she is going to push the envelope. We have all been run down and she has not been getting much attention, so she thinks, so I guess in her mind she would rather be yelled at than ignored.

My workout- knee to chest, dead bug, glut bridges, cook hip lifts, front plank, ball hamstring curls, heel lifts off stability ball, adductor bridges ball squeeze, full body weight squat, modified pullups, pushups, reverse flies. This is a great workout to help re balance your body after feeling under the weather. It is difficult but not too strenuous to cause a relapse. Lifting weights causes micro tears in your muscle and lowers your immunity.

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